Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Sound of Music Remake: My Cast Picks So Far

So I've been reading what other bloggers are saying about the remake of the Sound of Music. I have to say I'm heartened by the number of purists out there who agree with me - somethings just can't be remade! But since it seems to be inevitable, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, I say. There's fun to be had deciding who will be cast in the remaining lead roles. I've curated a few posts here. Some suggestions I agree with, others I don't. Who knows, maybe an NBC executive will even pay attention. 

I do think the ability to sing and act should be prerequisites. I also like prefer classically trained, European born choices, but I'm biased. VH1 Celebrity's Elizabeth Black, who appears to be a SoM purist, offered some solid choices in her post, Now That Carrie Underwood Is Maria Von Trapp, Who Else Should Be Cast In The Sound Of MusicRemake? I agree with her suggestions of Colin Firth as The Captain. Alternatively, I suggest Victor Garber, who pulled off Daddy Warbucks in Annie quite nicely. I also like her pick, Maggie Smith, for the Mother Abbess (again, if she can sing). However, I cannot support her suggestions for Baroness Schraeder, (Lindsay Lohan for obvious reasons and Hayden Paniettiere because she's too young, and that would distort the story further).

Someone identified by the handle, "PrettyCuteLoveBaby" posted her Dreamcastlist on IMbd and made a solid suggestion of Scarlett Johansen as the Baronness. That portrayal I would buy in a heartbeat.  I also like her suggestion for Gretl - Maggle Elizabeth Jones from We Bought a Zoo. I'm not familiar her other suggestions. She made this list three months ago though, before all this happened. I wonder if she knew what was coming? Bill Murray as Max Detweiller? Maybe, but I'm not completely sold.

OnFlavorwire, blogger Emily Temple also offered some good suggestions. Hugh Jackman as the Captain might just have to duke it out with Victor Garber and Colin Firth for my vote. (We'll see how he does as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables before making a final decision). She also suggested Julie Andrews should play the Mother Abbess (in lieu of Maggie Smith? Perhaps). But that might be tough for Julie who might be compelled to slap Carrie if she doesn't pull it off. Here's where I really wish they would use Ann Hathaway as Maria. I disagree with her suggestion of Catherine Zeta-Jones as Baronness Schraeder, but whole heartedly agree, Hugh Grant would make a GREAT Max Detweiller. The rest of her suggestions, I've never heard of.

It's been pointed out that this is a television budget NBC is working with, not a feature film budget, so the choices may be restricted by the actors' price tags. But you'd think the ratings they're bound to get will be worth it. Because we all know, like the idea of a remake or not, the sad truth is that we'll all be watching just to see if NBC can pull it off.  


  1. I was shocked you weren't sold with Bill Murray but Hugh Grant would also make an excellent pick as Max! I like Scarlet Johansen at the Baroness and putting her against Victor Garber or Colin Firth would be perfect! I don't like HP as Baroness, too young, too everything. I'm also not sold on JA playing Reverend Mother, if it's going to be a remake, no one from the original cast should be in it, also she would strangle CU for American Idoling it.

  2. I think Bill Murray is too slapstick for the Max role. Maybe Tom Hanks? I think the idea of having Julie play the Mother Abbess is that they often have original cast members make an appearance in the remake. Like the Vicky (Aunt Vicky) character in the Parent Trap remake.

  3. Here are my suggestions:
    Hugh Jackman as the Captain
    Tony Shaloub(Monk) or Victor Garber or Bill Murray as Uncle Max
    Nicole Kidman as the Baroness
    Brittany Snow as Liesel. Or Anna Kendrick(Pitch Perfect)
    Not sure about the others....

  4. My comments likely echoes the majority; Underwood as expected did a great job singing, after that????????????

    Knowing full well this was an attempted revival of the Mary Martin stage production and not the Andrews movie (That is about the ONLY defense I have heard of this mess and am truly tired of that apology)

    Carrie will never be confused with julie Andrews or any other seasoned actress for the matter, she was wooden and lacked , well anything

    Liesl, whatever happened to the ”love” of all young ,men growing up in the 60’s through 80’s, no offense Ariane Rinehart but you simply do not possess the naive charm projected by Charmain Carr.

    I am loath to criticize the young performers but each and every one seemed to be saying “look at me” as if this was their singular opportunity at fame?

    And why did NBC think it necessary to make a clown out of loveable old Max?

    My biggest gripe? Stephen Moyer, you ain’t Christopher Plummer or certainly not Ritter Von Trapp

    I realize NBC is hoping to sell millions of copies of their so called “Holiday Classic,” I am happy watching my DVD of Julie Andrews